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Web Designing Training in noida

  • Weekdays & Weekends

Web Designing is a process to create the Front End part of a website. Front End includes Markup, Style, client side scripting, images, Menus, Image sliders and validation part of forms. A Web designer create whole Front End Part of a website for all devices, like desktops, Tablets, Smart phones and Smart TVs. Our Course includes HTML-4, css-2, Basic SEO, Web Hosting, Adobe Photoshop, PSD to HTML Conversion, Javascript, Jquery, HTML-5 with css-3, responsive layouts, Bootstrap framework and UI Testing.

Web Designing Training

Web Development Training in noida

  • Weekdays & Weekends

Our Web Development course includes both Web Designing and Web development(php). This course includes HTML, CSS,Photoshop, SEO & Web Hosting, Php,My SQL, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX,HTML-5, CSS-3, Responsive layouts, Bootstrap framework, Two Projects, and a Course Completion Certificate . For more details, click here Web Development Training

Web Development Course

JavaScript & JQuery Training in noida

  • Weekdays & Weekends

JavaScript is one of the most demanding technology in modern web applications. JavaScript is browser interpreted, thus need no complier and execute fast.

JavaScript & Jquery Training

PHP Training in Noida

  • Weekdays & Weekends

PHP is a server-side scripting language originally designed for Web development to produce dynamic Web pages. It is one of the first developed server-side scripting languages to be embedded into an HTML source document, rather than calling an external file to process data. Our course includes php, basic HTML css, javascript & jquery basics, My SQL, Connectivity, Php-5, Wordpress and Joomla.

Php Training

Angularjs Training in Noida

  • Weekends Only

Tech Altum's Angular JS Course includes Javascript, bootstrap framework, intro with angular app, angular directives, modules, controllers, filters, responsive utilities, two way data binding, debugging angular app, and dependency injection.

Angular JS Training

Selenium Training in Noida

  • Weekends Only

SELENIUM is a bright suite of tools, such as WebDriver with rich set of API. It can simulate user actions on a web application and generate user friendly reports with result. Amazing fact is that it supports multiple languages such as JAVA, C#, PHP etc., so engineers can write automation test script using any one of them.

Selenium Training

JMeter Training

  • Weekends only

JMeter is used to test performance both on static and dynamic website. It analyse performance under different load types. JMeter is basically a load testing tool that allows you to test your application before, during and after deployment. This course is designed to give you a firm foundation in basic load testing tasks Jmeter Training.

JMeter Training

Android Training in Noida

  • Weekdays only

Android is open source Mobile operating system based on Linux Kernal. It includes an Operating system, middleware and some key applications. The biggest advantage is that the success of Android depends on the availability of unique and engaging user applications created by developers.

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Oracle 11g DBA Training in Noida

  • Weekends only

Oracle Database is the Relation database management system. Tech Altum's Oracle Database 9i, 10g ,11g complete course including preparation of SQL, OCA, OCP Certification from OCP certified professional. In this training, our professional trainer share his experience in industry and day to day challenges that Oracle DBA has to face while working on production server.

Oracle Training

Mongo DB Training

  • Weekends only

Mongo DBis document oriented No-SQL (Non-Relational) database. It is basically schema less database which stores data as document in key value format. It is an open source database.

Mongodb Training

Linux with Shell Scripting Training in Noida

  • Weekends Only

Tech Altum's linux training covers linux system programming, kernel level programming, socket programming on linux platform, multi threading on linux platform, ipcs(inter process communication), linux internals and shell programming.
In Shell Scripting we focus on bash, awk-pretty printing and tcl/tk.

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Advance Asp.net

  • Weekends

In Advance asp.net we cover WCF, LINQ, EF, jquery and MVC.
WCF:- In WCF we start training with SOA Introduction and WCF Basics. Major Topics like Security, Transaction, REST, MEP, Encoding, Throttling, Hosting etc. will be covered with Practical in this Training. LINQ:- In LINQ we start from the basic then we cover all major topics like LINQ to Object, LINQ to Database, LINQ to XML, LINQ to ADO.net,

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  • Weekdays & Weekends

Tech Altum is the place to explore your MVC training with Experienced Trainer. We provide training on MVC 5.0. We categorized the complete training in Modules and Following are the detail.

MVC Training

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