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Java Training in Noida

Java Training Ratings
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Java Training
Core and Advance Java Training by 7 Experienced Faculty
Java Training
Core Java+J2EE

Java ( Core and Advance)

Java is Object oriented and class based computer programming language developed by Sun Microsystems ( now acquired by Oracle) in 1995. Java is one of the most popular programming language in the World. With Java, we can develop CUI, GUI, Web based and Mobile based applications.

Core Java

Tech Altum's Java Training is started with a Brief History of Java and its Evolution. Then Core Java in which first we improve the basic oops concepts of the candidate with Database training. Variables, Classes, Objects, Methods, Arrays, Strings, Vectors, Interface, Inheritance, Exception Handling and Putting Classes Together.

Core Java Course

  • Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming
  • Prodecure-oriented Vs Object oriented Programming.
  • Basic concepts of Object-Oriented Programming
  • Object and classes.
  • Data Abstraction and Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Dynamic Binding.
  • JAVA Evolution Java History Why Java?
  • Java Features
  • Constants, Variables, and Data Types.
  • Operators and Expressions.
  • Decision Making and Branching.
  • Decision Making and Looping.
  • Arrays, Strings and vectors
  • Interfaces: Multiple Inheritance
  • Packages-Putting Class Together
    • Java API Packages
    • Using System Packages
    • Creating and Accessing a Package
    • Adding a class to a package

Managing errors and Exceptions

  • Types of Errors- Compile-Time and Run –Time
  • Syntax of Exception Handling Code
  • Multiple catch Statements
  • Using finally Statement
  • Throwing Our Own exceptions
  • File Handling

Multithreaded Programming

  • What are the threads?
  • Creating Threads
  • Extending the Thread Class
  • Stopping and Blocking a Thread
  • life Cycle of a Thread Using Thread Methods
  • Thread Exceptions
  • Thread Priority
  • Implementing the ‘Runnable’ Interface

    Applet programming

    Java Collection

    • Introduction
    • The Collection Interface
    • The Set Interface and Classes in Details
    • The List Interface and Classes in Details

    Threads Java Thread Model

    • Creating and Running Threads
    • Manipulating Thread State
    • Thread Synchronization
    • Volatile Fields vs. Synchronized Methods
    • wait and notify join and sleep
    • The Concurrency API

    JDBC Fundamentals

    • What is the JDBC API?
    • JDBC Drivers Making a Connection
    • Creating and Executing a Statement
    • Retrieving Values from a ResultSet
    • SQL and Java Datatypes
    • Creating and Updating Tables

    Advance Java

    Advanced Java covers JSP, Servlets so that you can make your own secure website and launch it on www. Better Implementation of JSP+Servlets based on MVC architecture is taught. Based on your learning, student have to make one project under tutor's surveillance. This project is basically for boosting your knowledge and confidence.
    Few frameworks are in market that helps in building your career in Java. Just take a small tour on these topics:
    Struts, Spring are such topics where you can see MVC architecture is implemented already and all we have to do is to implement your project logically. Website without security is of no use. Here tutor makes you learn spring mvc and spring security as well. Based on your learning on framework, student has to make one more project with Spring framework.


    • Overview of Servlets and JSP
    • What is a Java servlet?
    • What advantage does a Java servlet have over a traditional CGI
    • What is JSP?
    • What are the advantages of JSP?


    • Basic Servlet Structure
    • A Simple Servlet Generating Plain Text
    • Compiling and Invoking the Servlet
    • A Simple Servlet Generating HTML
    • Some Simple HTML Utilities for Servlets

    Processing the Request

    • Form Data Introduction Forma
    • URL-encoding( GET, POST) Example
    • Reading Specific Parameters
    • HTTP Request Headers
    • Common Request Headers and Their Meaning
    • Reading Headers from Servlets

    Generating the Response

    • HTTP Status Codes
    • Overview: Status Codes and Messages
    • Setting Status Codes from Servlets
    • HTTP 1.1 Status Codes and Their Meanings
    • HTTP Response Headers Overview
    • Common Response Headers and Their Meaning

    Session Tracking

    • Overview of Session Tracking
    • The Servlet Session Tracking API Example

    JavaServer Pages JSP

    • JSP Overview
    • JSP Syntax Summary
    • Template Text Static HTML)
    • JSP Scripting Elements: Expressions, Script lets, and Declarations JSP Directives

    J2EE Struts 2

    • Struts 2 Features
    • Struts 2 History
    • Struts 2 Architecture
    • Why Struts 2
    • Struts 1.x Vs Struts 2.x
    • Downloading and Installing Struts
    • Struts 2 Hello World Application
    • Creating the development directory Structure
    • Writing Jsp, Java and Configuration files
    • Struts 2 xml configuration file
    • Struts 2 Actions
    • Struts 2 Actions Example.
    • Struts 2 Actions Introduction
    • Struts 2 Redirect Action Struts 2 Login Application


    • Spring 3 .0
    • Introduction
    • Spring 3.0 Features
    • Spring 3 Hello World Example
    • @configuration annotation in Spring

    Spring 2.5

    • Introduction to the Spring Framework
    • Downloading and Installing Spring
    • Installing Spring Framework
    • Spring Injection Example
    • Inheritance in Spring
    • Calling Constructor in Spring.
    • init Method in Spring
    • Bean life cycle in spring

    Spring 2.5 MVC

    • Spring MVC Introduction
    • How Spring MVC Works
    • Spring MVC Controllers hierarchy
    • Spring MVC Getting Started
    • Spring MVC Hello World

    Hibernate 3.0

    • Introduction to Hibernate 3.0
    • Hibernate Architecture
    • First Hibernate Application
    • Running the Example in Eclipse.
    • Understanding Hibernate O/R Mapping
    • Understanding Hibernate <generator> element
    • Using Hibernate <generator> to generate id incrementally
    • Hibernate Update Query
    • Hibernate Delete Query

    Hibernate Query Language

    • Introduction to Hibernate Query Language
    • Preparing table for HQL Examples
    • Developing POJO class
    • HQL from Clause
    • HQL Select Clause
    • Hibernate Count Query
    • Hibernate Avg() Function (Aggregate Functions)
    • Hibernate Max() Function (Aggregate Functions)
    • Hibernate Min() Function (Aggregate Functions)
    • HQL Where Clause
    • HQL Group By Clause
    • HQL Order By Example

    Hibernate Criteria Query

    • Hibernate Criteria Query Example
    • Narrowing the result set
    • Hibernate's Built-in criterion: Between (using Integer)
    • Hibernate's Built-in criterion: Between (using Date)
    • Hibernate Criteria Expression (eq)
    • Hibernate Criteria Expression (lt)
    • Hibernate Criteria Expression (le)
    • Hibernate Criteria Expression (gt)
    • Hibernate Criteria Expression (ge)
    • Hibernate Criteria Expression (and)
    • Hibernate Criteria Expression (or)
    • Insert Data into Database Using Hibernate Native SQL
    • Hibernate Native SQL Example
    • Associations and Joins
    • Hibernate Aggregate Functions (Associations and Joins)
    • Hibernate Subqueries

    Hibernate Projections

    • Hibernate Projections
    • Hibernate Projections (rowCount or countDistinct)
    • Hibernate Projection Count
    • Hibernate Projection Example (Sum).
    • Hibernate How To?
    • Hibernate types


    • Only 8 to 10 Students in batch
    • Special Focus on Practical
    • Trainer having 7 years Industrial Experience and M.Tech from BIT.
    • Project will be handled by Trainer
    • Lab Facility with Internet
    • Course Completion Certificate

    Why Tech Altum

    • ISO certified Training Institute
    • Run by Ex IIT Alumni
    • Microsoft Registered Training Partner
    • 100% Job Assistance
    • Fully AC Classrooms with Projector
    • Lab Facility with Genuine Softwares and Internet

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    Tech Altum
    501, Om Complex, 5th Floor Sec 15
    P.O. Box: 201301
    Noida, Uttar Pradesh
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    Trainer Profile

    Mr Rishi

    Java Corporate Trainer at Tech Altum with 7 Experience.
    • M. Tech (Information Security) 2011-13 from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
    • Total 7 experience.
    • Till Now Trained 1000+ Candidates.
    • 09015041412

    Some Reviews

    A very good and practical approach towards training young minds.

    Vertica Jain, Java Trainee,- Currently in Accenture Banglore

    Very practical approach for teaching. A lot of efforts taken by the teachers.

    Sukrit Gulati, Java Trainee,- Currently iOS Developer at Bennett Coleman and Co. Ltd. (Times Group)

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