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Java Training in Noida

Java Training Ratings
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Java Training
Java Training
Java Training
Core Java+ Advance

Java Training in Noida with Core & Advance with Project.

Java Core & Advance

Java is Object oriented and class based computer programming language developed by Sun Microsystems ( now acquired by Oracle) in 1995. Java is one of the most popular programming language in the World. With Java, we can develop CUI, GUI, Web based and Mobile based applications.

Core Java

Tech Altum's Java Training is started with a Brief History of Java and its Evolution. Then Core Java in which first we improve the basic oops concepts of the candidate with Database training. Variables, Classes, Objects, Methods, Arrays, Strings, Vectors, Interface, Inheritance, Exception Handling and Putting Classes Together.

Core Java Course Content

Introduction to Java

  • JDK
  • JR
  • Discussion of Java features and OOPS Concepts
  • Installation of Netbeans IDE
  • Datatypes
    • Primitive data types
    • Non-primitive data types
  • Variable declaration
  • Operators
  • Control flow statements
  • Command line arguments
  • Passing command line arguments in Netbeans
  • Take input and display output
  • Arrays and Enhanced for loop

OOPS programming

  • Class and object
  • Various types of constructors
  • Instance methods and static methods
  • Use of this keyword
  • Use of super keyword
  • inheritance
  • polymorphism
  • package and various scope rules
  • abstract class and interfaces
  • use of static, final keyword
  • Annotations
  • anonymous object
  • nested classes
  • anonymous class

Exception handling

  • try, catch, finally, throw, throws
  • checked exception
  • unchecked exception

String Handling

  • mutable string
  • immutable string
  • String, StringBuilder, and StringBuffer

IO (Input and Output)

  • byte stream
  • character stream

Working with Date class

  • Collections
  • Wrapper classes

Multithreading programming

  • Thread class
  • Runnable interface

GUI programming

  • Difference between CUI and GUI
  • Swing (various components and containers)
  • Event handling
  • Applet through JApplet
  • Develop GUI using Netbeans Drag n drop feature

JDBC (Java database connectivity)

  • Basics of SQL
  • executing SQL using statement
  • executing SQL using preparedstatement
  • ResultSetMetaData

Socket programming

Project List

  • mp3 splitter and joiner
  • password protection based encryption, decryption
  • messenger (text based)
  • Webpage's URLs extractor
  • database driven application


  • Only 8 to 12 Students in batch
  • Special Focus on Practical
  • Trainer having 9+ years Industrial Experience
  • Project will be handled by Trainer
  • Lab Facility with Internet
  • Course Completion Certificate

Why Tech Altum

  • ISO certified Training Institute
  • Run by Ex IIT Alumni
  • Microsoft Registered Training Partner
  • 100% Job Assistance
  • Fully AC Classrooms with Projector
  • Lab Facility with Genuine Softwares and Internet

Free Demo Info

Course Date Time
Java Demo


Tech Altum
501, Om Complex, 5th Floor Sec 15
P.O. Box: 201301
Noida, Uttar Pradesh

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Java Training Reviews

A very good and practical approach towards training young minds.

Vertica Jain, Java Trainee,- Currently in Accenture Banglore

Very practical approach for teaching. A lot of efforts taken by the teachers.

Sukrit Gulati, Java Trainee,- Currently iOS Developer at Bennett Coleman and Co. Ltd. (Times Group)

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