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Javsscript Training
Javascript and Jquery Training
javascript Training
Jquery Training
Jquery Training
JQuery UI

Javascript and Jquery

Javascript is prototype based client side scripting language of web. Javascript can insert dynamic content on a web page, validate form data, handle events, add interactivity, and create animations. Javascript is loosely typed, but case sensitive.

HTML is used to build structure of a webpage, css is used to add style, but javascipt is used to add functionality. Events like mouseover, click, keypress, keyup, mousemove etc are part of javascript.

JavaScript is one of the most demanding technology in modern web applications. JavaScript is browser interpreted, thus need no complier and execute fast.

To learn javascript, you should be familiar with HTML & CSS Basics.

Javascript Course

  • Javascript Intro
  • Static and Dynamic Websites
  • Add Javascript on HTML page
  • Javascript syntax
  • Javascript comments
  • Javascript variables
  • Javascript datatypes
  • Javascript functions
  • Javascript events
  • Javascript DOM
  • Javascript console
  • Javascript conditions
  • Javascript operators
  • Javascript Arrays
  • Javascript Objects
  • Javascript JSON
  • Javascript OOPS(intro)
  • Javascript closures
  • Javascript setInterval and SetTimeout
  • Javascript Date Objects
  • Javascript Windows Object
  • Javascript History Object
  • Javascript Navigator Object
  • Javascript Screen Object
  • Javascript Regex Object
  • Javascript cookies
  • Local & session storage
    • Local Storage
    • Session Storage
  • Geo Location
  • Firebug and debuggers


Jquery is a most popular Javascript library used for wide range of actions like event handling , DOM manipulation, animations, and ajax interaction, for faster web applications. JQuery can simplify javascript as jquery syntax is light weight and easy to use. Unlike Javascript, Jquery is not browser embedded, so we need to attach jquery file( jquery.js or jquery.min.js) to html first, and then use jquery syntax.

Jquery tag line is " write less, do more"

To learn jquery, you should be familiar with HTML & CSS and javascipt.

Jquery Course

  • Jquery Intro
  • Jquery Installation
  • Jquery ready function
  • Jquery Selectors
  • Jquery events
  • Jquery DOM
  • Jquery Selectors
  • Jquery slide effect
  • Jquery fade effect
  • Jquery toggle effect
  • Jquery CSS
  • Jquery animations
  • Jquery easings
  • Jquery tabs
  • Jquery drop down menu
  • Jquery collapsible
  • Jquery accordions
  • Jquery scroll
  • Jquery Carousel
  • Jquery user interface
  • Jquery AJAX
  • Jquery Box slider
  • Jquery cycle
  • Jquery parallex effect
  • Jquery wow js
  • Jquery conflict

JavaScript and Jquery Training Features

  • 8 to 10 Students in a batch.
  • Completely Practical classes.
  • Weekend and weekdays batches
  • Separate Doubt sessions.

Trainer Profile

Mr Avinash Malhotra

Web Designer and UI Developer at Tech Altum

Scored AIR 120 in GATE 2011.
Studied in IIT Kharagpur.
5+ Experience in Web Designing and User Interface Development.
Working as a Corporate Trainer and Freelancer from last 5 Years.
Microsoft Certified HTML5 & Javascript Developer.
Till Now Trained 500+ Students.

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P.O. Box: 201301
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