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UI-UX Design Course

Ui/UX Design Course Ratings
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UI-UX Design Course
UI and UX Designing Course




UI and UX Designing

UI and UX designing course with Photoshop and Figma. Build your career as UI/UX Designer.

Photoshop Usage

  • Graphic Design
  • Photo Editing
  • Banner Design
  • Website PSD Design
    1. Website (Mobile and Web)
    2. Mobile Apps

Figma Usage

  • Vector Graphic Design
  • Vector Graphic Editing
  • Wireframe
  • User Interface Design
  • Website Layout
    1. Website (Mobile and Web)
    2. Mobile Apps
  • Prototyping
  • Product Designing
  • Asset Designing

UI UX Design Course Content

Here is our detailed course content. Our course content is divided into three sections.

Section 1

Introduction: Web app vs Desktop App

  • Web app vs Desktop App

Creating New Files & Designing on a Grid

  • Creating a new file
  • Setting up frames (other apps call these artboards)
  • Adding text
  • Creating colored backgrounds for text columns

Importing & Cropping Photos

  • Importing & cropping photos
  • Adding a drop shadow
  • Rounding corners

Vector Graphics, Colors, Shadows, & More

  • Importing & modifying vector graphics
  • Aligning & distributing layers
  • Layer opacity vs. fill opacity
  • Reusing colors (color styles)
  • Adding a drop shadow

Text Styles

  • Opening files in Figma
  • Handling missing fonts
  • Creating, editing, & organizing text styles

Section 2

Components (Reusable Elements)

  • Creating & editing components
  • Overriding content in one instance vs. globally updating all components
  • Detaching from a component

Turning a Design into a Clickable Prototype

  • Linking between frames (artboards)
  • Previewing the prototype
  • Creating an overlay
  • Fixing the position of elements so they don't scroll

Exporting Assets for Web: SVG, JPEG, & PNG

  • Exporting individual assets
  • Exporting frames (artboards)

Sharing Figma Files: Commenting, Testing, Developers, etc.

  • Sharing a Figma file
  • Sharing a Prototype
  • Commenting on shared files
  • Viewing a prototype for user testing
  • Specs for developers

Section 3

Auto Layout

  • Using Tidy Up for Even Spacing
  • Using Auto Layout
  • Constraints & Resizing
  • Spacing, Rearranging, & Adding Items with Auto Layout

Linking Up/Down a Page, Scrollable Areas, & Hyperlinks

  • Making Links that Scroll Up/Down a Page
  • Making the Navbar Fixed to the Screen
  • Adjusting the Position & Speed of the Scroll
  • Creating a Scrollable Area Within a Page
  • Adding Hyperlinks

Intro to Smart Animate

  • The Basics of Smart Animate
  • Different Kinds of Easing

Parallax Animation

  • Setting Up the Parallax Assets
  • Building the Parallax Animation


  • Creating & Using Component Variants
  • Variant Properties & Values
  • Boolean Values (Toggle On/Off)

Hovers & Overlays

  • Adding a Hover State to a Button (Using Variants)
  • Opening a Pop-Up (Using an Overlay)

Adding Interactions

  • Creating a Working Prototype
  • Adding Tap Interactions
  • Adding the Ability to Drag
  • Adding Keystrokes
  • Custom Easing

UI/UX Training Training Features

  • 8 to 10 Students in batch
  • Completely Practical sessions.
  • Trainer having Strong Experience on Figma.
  • Job Assistance after course completion

  • Duration: 90 Days
Figma Trainer

Figma Trainer Profile

UI/UX Design Trainer at Tech Altum
  • Expert in UI Design and motion designing using figma.
  • Freelance Corporate Trainer at Tech Altum.
  • M.Tech in Computer Science
  • Several design case studies for parking spot booking app, Subscription tracking app etc.
  • Co-author in book named Big data analytics in Smart manufacturing.
  • One of the patent holder of Smart mask for Covid detection.
  • Machine learning Researcher with several research papers in Twitter bot detection and Digit recognition published in IEEE.
  • 09015041412
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Tech Altum
302, 3th floor, Om Complex, Sec 15
P.O. Box: 201301
Noida, Uttar Pradesh

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