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Photoshop Course

Photoshop Course Ratings
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Photoshop Training
Adobe Photoshop Training for beginners

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is the most popular Image editing tool used worldwide. It is used to create and edit raster images.

Photoshop was first developed in 1988. Its been 30+ years since photoshop is used in industry. Adobe build photoshop for Windows and Mac OS only. In future, Photoshop will be available for IPAD.

Photoshop Use

  • Image Editing
  • Banner for websites/apps.
  • Banner for printing.
  • Website Layout
  • Website Wireframe
  • Animated Images (GIF)

Photoshop Course Content

  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Photoshop Installation
  • Photoshop Versions
  • Photoshop Workspace setup
  • Photoshop Colors, RGB Vs CMYK

Photoshop Tools

  • Photoshop Tools
  • Photoshop Move Tool
  • Photoshop Marquee Tool
  • Photoshop Lasso Tool
  • Quick Selection & Magic wand Tool
  • Crop Tool
  • Spot Healing Tool
  • Brush Tool
  • Clone Tool
  • Eraser Tool
  • Gradient Tool
  • Blur, Sharpen & Smudge Tool
  • Dodge, Burn & Sponge Tool
  • Pen Tool
  • Text Tool
  • Path Selection Tool
  • Photoshop Shapes
  • Photoshop Hand Tool

Photoshop Layers

  • Photoshop Layers type
  • Photoshop layer properties
  • Photoshop layer filters
  • Photoshop layer opacity
  • Layer merging, unmerging
  • Cliping Mask

Photoshop Guides

  • Guides use
  • Insert Guides
  • Insert Guides Layout

Photoshop Training Features

  • 8 to 10 Students in batch
  • Complete Study Material
  • Completly Practical sessions.
  • Trainer having 7+ years Experience..


Photoshop Trainer Profile

Mr Avinash Malhotra

Web Designer and UI Developer at Tech Altum

Scored AIR 120 in GATE 2011.
Studied in IIT Kharagpur.
7+ Experience in Web Designing and User Interface Development.
Working as a Corporate Trainer and Freelancer from last 7 Years.
Microsoft Certified HTML5 & Javascript Developer.
Till Now Trained 1000+ Students.

  • 09015041412
Course Date Time
Photoshop Batch call 9015041412 to know call 9015041412 to know


Tech Altum
501, 5th floor, Om Complex, Sec 15
P.O. Box: 201301
Noida, Uttar Pradesh

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