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IT( Information Technology ) is the highest paying sector right now. Do you know how much a Web Developer, Software Developer, Front End Developer, UI Developer or Data Base Administrator can earn?

Here are the details.


S No Job Title Maximum Package
1 Software Architect $116267*
2 Data Scientist $109,399
3 Devops Engineer  $106,045
4 Software Engineer $98,304
5 Java Developer $98,304
6 Mobile Developer $96,133
7 Front End Developer $92,133
8 Software Developer $87,185
9 Database Admin $87,025
10 .Net Developer $83,936


*average salary

Source: Forbes 2016


There was a time when only Software Developers can earn well in IT Sector. Java Developers and Dot Net Developers were among the highest paid employees in IT Sector. Data Base Administrators are also highest Paid.

Web Designers were least paid in the market. The reason was they were not technical. They know only Photoshop, HTML and CSS.  But after of HTML5, There was a sharp peak in their salary.

With the knowledge on Javascript, Jquery, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Web design and Designing Frameworks, they can earn even better than many web developers.

Front End Developers or User Interface developers handle whole User Interface Part of a web application. They can develop Javascript code, use Javascript libraries and Frameworks to improve page speed and and add more functionalities on front-end.

Flash is no more demanded in web applications. So HTML5 Canvas, Javascript  and CSS3 can do this. But canvas is written in pure Javascript and need no third part tools. They all are browsers embedded.

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